Sunday, November 11, 2007

Caravaggio creative-writing workshops

Heritage Malta teamed up with the Foundation for Educational Services (FES) to launch a series of creative-writing workshops earmarked for primary school children, in conjunction with the Caravaggio exhibition, currently being held at the National Museum of Archaeology.

The educational arm at Heritage Malta has embarked on another exciting project together with FES in order to generate more awareness among young visitors on the art of Caravaggio - this year being the 400th anniversary since his arrival to Malta.

The first workshop was held on Wednesday 31 October, within the educational area that has been set up as part of this exhibition. Following an interactive guided tour on Caravaggio, his art and the context within which he lived and worked, students attended a workshop earmarked to stimulate a critical discussion on a related theme. Afterwards, students were invited to write down their own creative accounts related to what they have experienced during this educational visit.

Every Sunday, Heritage Malta is also organising a series of workshops targeted for young visitors, focusing on different themes related to the art of Caravaggio.

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