Monday, November 26, 2007

Proper essay writing for any circumstance

Most students are lucky enough to never encounter a failed essay mark with a comment like, “This is not a proper essay.” This is most likely because essays are not simply marked based on form or style, but for content. It is your ideas and arguments that are the moneymakers.

Working to improve your essay-writing skills as the vehicle of these stellar ideas of yours will make the transmission of your argument more persuasive and effective. If that alone doesn’t blow your skirt up, think of this: the possibility of gaining an extra 5 to10 per cent on each essay or simply diminishing your stress-level when writing papers.

Improving your writing skills is essential for any discipline. Catherine Briggs, a history professor, notes, “Most professors want to see clear, effective and correct style and grammar.” Regardless of the area of study, learning to write effectively can improve the clarity of your argument thus making it more powerful.

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