Thursday, January 3, 2008

Five Tips for Writing Blog Articles the Easy Way

Blogs need content: short snippets, articles, and longer feature articles. Here are five tips to improve your article-writing skills; within a few days, you’ll be writing content like a pro.

  1. Outline before you start writing - a few points will do

    Jot down a few points before you start writing.

    Many articles follow this simple format: an introduction, a few points (around four, in an article of 500 words), and a conclusion.

    Writing a short outline before you begin the article will help you to stick to the point.

    Every article you write should include a “takeaway” for your readers: at least one nugget of information that’s not available elsewhere.

  2. Know your audience - who’s reading your blog? Why?

    Before you begin writing, think about your reader. Who’s your typical blog reader?

    For example, if you’re writing a blog about digital photography, ask yourself whether your current article is aimed at beginning photographers, or at experts. If your typical reader is a beginner, you’ll need to add explanatory material (or links) to your article.

    Knowing who your typical reader is will help you to write content that’s appropriate for your blog. Staying with our digital photography example, you could write several series of articles for beginners; these articles would become “evergreen” content on your blog; they’ll always be popular.

  3. Create an inviting title: make it a “must read”

    When you’re creating article titles, there are two audiences you need to remember. The first audience is your readers. Make your titles intriguing, so that when a reader sees the article in his newsfeed, he’ll read it.

    Your articles’ second audience is the search engines. Use keywords in your article title so that they can be found.

  4. Use short sentences and short paragraphs - make your articles easy to read

    On the Web, you don’t read. You scan. So make your articles scannable: use short sentences, short paragraphs and lists. The easier your articles are to read, the more readers you’ll get.

  5. Add links to your articles

    Links are important for every article you write. If you’re creating a blog on WordPress, there are several “Related articles” plug-ins you can use on the blog, but especially for longer articles, you’ll want to add your own links too.

So there you have it: five tips which will help you to write a steady stream of informative and entertaining articles for your blog.


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