Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Get it write: writing rules for IT professionals

IT hiccups, I've had a few, and usually an IT expert has fixed them for me. Problems have arisen only when the said expert has advised me in writing.

Take a recent letter I received from the technical services department of a well-known telecoms company. The letter included an extremely comprehensive breakdown of the technical issues blighting my firm's telephone system, together with some convoluted instructions on how to resolve the problem. The letter was appallingly written, which means I will be equally clueless about what to do should the problem occur again. More future work for the technical services department in question, then.

Technical jargon and unfathomable abbreviations were the biggest culprits in my particular letter. Then there were the never-ending sentences that I had to keep rereading, intertwined with the odd burst of "text speak".

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