Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Comedy Writing

Metro course explores the equation ‘comedy = tragedy + time’

You’re sitting reading and you come along a passage that makes you laugh out loud. What is it about that collection of words that tickled your funny bone?

“It could be two perspectives,” explains Barbara North, who teaches a Comedic Writing course at Metro College. “One is as defined by the reader and one is as defined by the writer. So for myself, comedic literature is to tell a story that’s very tongue-in-cheek at certain points, it’s sarcastic, it’s all-out funny, it’s telling the truth of life, but sort of winking at harsh reality as well.”

Part of the 10-hour course takes a look at a variety of comedic literature, investigating how the author injects humour into writing. Students are then encouraged to take a withdrawal from their own story banks and write different pieces—everything from short stories to non-fiction.

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