Monday, March 3, 2008

Don't dismiss writing a blog

Increases expert credibility and customer base

Get out in front of customers. There is no substitute.

It's only by talking with customers -- not by e-mailing them -- that you learn essential details about their needs and buying behaviours. And only face-to-face meetings -- not phone calls -- produce the expansive conversations that enable you to not only learn more about them, but also about what you're selling.

I relearned this truism when I met with Adrien, a marketing executive I wasn't even trying to sell anything to. We had agreed to meet and talk about how her Montreal-based firm (let's call it Monco) could communicate better with customers and other stakeholders. One potential solution discussed was blogging.

And now the back story. I have been blogging for three years. But I have been following "weblogs" (online journals by individuals and businesses) for five or six years, and believe in their potential to help organizations communicate more effectively.

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