Sunday, March 23, 2008

Letter Writing Formats

If you spend some time searching around the Net you will find there are many different letter writing formats for various types of letters, both business letters and personal letters. It seems that the letter format that will be recommended for your situation will depend on who you're asking.

Believe me, a few years ago when I was researching both my Instant Business Letter Kit and then my Instant Letter Writing Kit, I was shocked to discover that there seemed to be no accepted international standard for formatting letters. In fact, just about every text I consulted had different letter formats than the ones I had checked previously.

So, I decided to do something about this confusing situation before writing my own letter-writing books. The first thing I did was to consult a number of leading texts and authorities on the subject of "letter writing formats" for different types of situations. I then studied the similarities and differences among these so-called experts and authorities and came up with my own "hybrid" set of letter formats. These are the ones that I now use and recommend in my various letter writing toolkits.

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