Monday, April 21, 2008

How To Write Great Queries Without Resorting To Threats, Bribery or Coercion

Imagine you are a literary agent sitting beside a box brimming with queries. You lift your letter knife high and the sun glints off its blade, illuminating your evil grin. "Whose dreams can I dash today?" you chuckle as you pluck the first victim from the pile.

Or try this: an agent waits by the mailbox, checking her watch for the tardy mail truck. Nervously twisting her hands, she finally sees the truck come reeling around the corner, and her heart skips a beat. Perhaps the ideal query letter will come today!

Neither is true, but you could never tell that from the query letters agents receive! Writers hear the horror stories, obsess about query writing and STILL botch it up so horribly that only the most tenderhearted, patient, brand new agent will even look at their material.

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