Sunday, April 13, 2008

Writing a Newsletter for Your Business

Newsletters can be an excellent marketing tool as they can be used to promote the products and services provided by a business. A good business newsletter can help to increase business and to make a sell. If you’re stumped on how to write an effective newsletter for your business, then consider utilizing the following strategies.

Before you produce the newsletter, you need to determine its purpose. Ask yourself who you’re writing the newsletter for. Since we’re talking about business newsletters, chances are that your readers are customers and potential customers. You want to cater your newsletter specifically to them.

Once you’ve identified the purpose, include information about your business. Include articles that emphasize company accomplishments and success stories of products sold. Articles such as these help lend credibility to your business.

Include people in your newsletter. A strong connection with the reader can be established by showing who your work is done for and who it is done by. Including guest columns about company successes written by employees or customers is a great way to show readers that you are making a difference by producing quality products.

An easy way to impress readers is to include a section listing your business’s most recent statistics. Along with sell statistics, you can include customer satisfaction ratings. Let those you serve vouch for the quality of service your business provides.

Include a “frequently asked questions” section. Identify at least five of the most asked questions about your business and/or the products and services it provides. Then provide both the questions and answers in your newsletter. This is a great way to not only provide information about your business but to solve questions about your business as a whole.

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