Friday, May 2, 2008

Essay Writing Tips

An essay is a piece of writing (either formal or informal) which presents information, defends a position, or accomplishes some other specific task. Talent to write good essays comes from within and is considered to be unique. But it doesn’t mean that only few people can meet all essay requirements, it only means that not everyone applies to the strategies of essay writing which exist to simplify the writing process. Here we suggest you some sound essay tips. You may benefit from them while preparing your essay.

Essay Writing Tip # 1. Settle the plan of your work:
  • choose your essay topic;
  • brainstorm your ideas;
  • outline your ideas;
  • write your thesis statement;
  • write the body of your essay – think over the main points, the subpoints, arrange them in a logical order;
  • write the introduction;
  • write the conclusion;
  • proofread and edit your essay.
Essay Writing Tip # 2. Make sure your essay:
  • is well-structured (contains of an introduction, a main body and a conclusion);
  • is focused on one problem;
  • is logically arranged;
  • is clear and precise;
  • provides deep arguments and illustrative evidence;
  • grasps the reader’s attention from the very beginning;
  • references the sources
Essay Writing Tip # 3. Before writing your essay consider the following:
  • your audience, its interests and preferences
  • the purpose of giving you the task to write this very essay
  • the essay limits proposed to you
  • authoritative people to address to to get their overall impression from your custom essay and to make necessary changes.
Essay Writing Tip # 4. You’ve heard about it hundreds of times but never payed too much attention to it:
  • start early and measure your time;
  • understand clearly the assignment;
  • look for example essays;
  • don’t plagiarize;
  • write quick drafts, multiply them;
  • think differently.
These essay writing tips are not hard to learn and they don’t need too many efforts of yours. Don’t hesitate to use these essay tips and they are sure to bring excellent results.

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