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The importance of fresh content and outsourcing

Content is King when it comes to Internet Marketing. Fresh content is even more important to being successful online. The search engines love fresh content. Internet marketers realize how significant fresh content is to their online success and a blog provides daily, weekly or monthly content updates that the search engines easily pick up and will give good search engine ranking. The search engines will send their ´spider´ to crawl any blog, website, or article directories that is frequently updated. The crawling process indexes the website so that the search engine knows that your blog exists and that you are adding new content.

Many marketers don´t have the time to sit and write. This is where outsourcing comes in. However, it is best to choose a ghostwriter, who loves to write, is an excellent researcher and can write on any topic or niche market imaginable. There are some writers that are uncommitted, unreliable and don´t have much regard for appropriate deadlines.

What is outsourcing? This is when you hire an independent contractor to complete certain specific assignments that you would rather not do or cannot do. Outsourcing frees up your time to take care of more pressing business issues. It will help you to delegate work that can be tedious and time consuming. Every business owner knows that time management in business is vital for more productivity. If you are an Internet Marketer, the ideal would be to have content written for affiliate marketing program, sales copy, articles, press releases, ebooks, blog posts, and ebooks, wouldn´t it?

You could hire ghostwriting services and save yourself time and money from the pressure of keeping your affiliates productive and getting more sales. If you have a membership site, affiliate program or any other product promotion, it is imperative that you provide content to your affiliates or members so that they can market your product.

If you are an Internet Marketer, you should understand the importance of providing tools that can drive traffic to your website and articles, ebooks, blog posts, press releases, and reports are just a few of the marketing materials you must have.

There are many different outsourcing websites online, which include,, and others. While these are great places to start, the downside to using these services is that you have to pick from a field of bidders and sometimes you might end up picking the wrong person who does not follow through with the project. It is suggested that you outsource to someone who has been recommended by your peer or associate. This will save you the frustration of trying to find the right person yourself.

You can also run into issues of hiring someone who does not write or speak English as their first language and this can create grammar issues. You may even end up paying someone else to proofread the project for you. This is very counterproductive and does not help you to accomplish your goal.

If you opt to use or any other similar websites, here are some tips:

When you post your project, be very specific on the budget range. Doing so, will prevent individuals from bidding who are looking to get rich.

Be as detailed as possible. The bidder is looking for specifics to know how much to bid and the less detail you are, the more unreasonable bids you will get

Always ask for samples of previous work and if you want to go a step further, ask the individual to write a 300 word article on your topic. The lower bid is not always the best bid. There are highly qualified writers out there that will get your project done properly.

If someone bids to high, never decline the bid until you email and ask if they would consider lowering it to a term that is amicable for both of you. In most cases, you can work something out.

Allow your bid project to run at least 5 days. This will give you enough time to examine all the bids. You can search the profiles and invite selected individual profile that you like to bid on your project.

Pay your writer on time. You will earn a bad reputation, if you don´t.

If you are looking to a do a sales copy, don´t hire an article writer. Look for someone who is an experienced copywriter.

Put your project under the right category. If you are looking to hire an ebook writer, put your project under "Ebooks," category. Some websites allow you to choose more than one categories.

Outsourcing is the current wave of the Internet and it is not going anywhere. As long as there are websites and Internet Marketers, the outsourcing method is your source of refuge.

Cheryline Lawson, is a ghostwriter, who is very passionate about her writing abilities. She has written books, ebooks, press releases, reports, articles, and web copy, blog posts, and manuals, guides as part of her portfolio. To hire her services, send an email to and you can visit her blog at http://www.onwritecourse.

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