Monday, May 5, 2008

Wiregrass novelist talks about writing

There’s nothing quite as Southern as sweet tea, but that sugary concoction is often served with a few drops of lemon to liven it up.

And so it was with a discussion between novelist Cassandra King and some local dual enrollment students about living and writing held at Wallace Community College Monday afternoon.

After the Wiregrass native was introduced by a local cousin who played up her up as a charming example of the Southern belle, King playfully punctured that image by telling a few story about how as a child she once did cartwheels down the aisle at her church in Pinckard sans underpants.
“I wasn’t cut out to be what my mother wanted more than anything else on earth for me to be, a sweet Southern girl,” she said.

King also demonstrated that she knew the area by taking a gentle shot at some of her audience.

“I can tell that’s Dale County because they’re sitting in the back row,” she said.
Before the question and answer session, King told a few stories about growing up on a peanut farm, how her early experiences and her first marriage as a preacher’s wife shaped her writing career, and the various battles a Southern author must wage with her editors (an editor once chided her for using the name Bubba, saying “You cannot use that, in the South nobody is really named Bubba.”)

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