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Writing a Personal Biography

Writing a personal biography is simply telling about your life in a story form. There are several ways to go about writing a personal biography. First you need to sit down and gather up the facts about your life. List them in chronological order from beginning up to present. Be sure to include details of the bigger turning points in your life. Don’t allow the story to get mired in mundane details such as going to the mall, cooking dinner or things of that nature. If you’re going to talk about how you like going to the mall for shopping, then make sure it include details on why this had such an impact on your life and led you to where you are today.

When writing a personal biography, remember that your writing and the story needs to be interesting and informative. Readers want to learn something new by seeing how other people handle what life has dished out to them. Inspire them with writing a personal biography by showing how you were able to handle issues and elicit positive results.

Be positive when you are writing a personal biography. Negativity turns many people off. Too much negativity sounds like whining about how life did you wrong. Readers most likely will put your book down after reading the first few negative comments. Everyone has problems in their lives, why would they want to read about yours? What needs to be included in writing a personal biography is how you overcame a bad situation and turned it around to be a positive influence on your life. Take the negative and show the positive impact it’s had on either your life or someone else. Be inspiring when writing a personal biography, otherwise it’s just going to be a boring account of your life.

Once you’ve taken stock of your life and have decided how you want to go about writing a personal biography. The next decision will be, if you are going to write in first person or third person. When writing a personal biography, this determination will decide whether the story is going to take on a formal tone or a personal approach to the reader.

Writing a personal biography in third person will require you to step back and write as if you were outside of yourself. You would refer to yourself by name. The whole biography can take on a tone of a very formal approach. You can list details of where you came from, the kind of degrees you have in education and where you’ve worked. Include background of your life to personalize it, for writing a personal biography needs to show the reader how the subject reached this point in life. Just remember to always be outside of yourself. Write as if you, as the subject, are someone else that, you as the writer, is observing.

If you’ve decided to take the first person approach, this tends to personalize your autobiography much more for the reader. Writing a personal biography this way tends to make a reader feel as if you were speaking directly to them. Make sure that your writing style reflects this for the reader. Be personal, be conversational and above all, interesting.

Use words that are descriptive and convey emotion in writing a personal biography. Remember that writing a personal biography isn’t just about giving a reader your life story it’s also how you tell it. The phrases and words that you use in writing a personal biography will determine whether the reader is interested enough to keep on reading.

One of the hardest things about writing a personal biography may be remembering to include all the facts. Sometimes little details such as where you were born or even whether you are female or male can be omitted and leave the reader confused over some facts. If you have a name like Chris, which could be male or female, the reader could have a difficult time determining your gender unless you make the specification. Just remember to step outside of yourself when making an outline of all the details to be included.

Keep in mind that background is important to the reader when writing a personal biography. Perhaps you grew up in New York but you were actually born in Hawaii. The fact that you were born in Hawaii just may be an interesting fact for the reader even if it’s been such a long time since you’ve been there.

Basically writing a personal biography is stepping back and taking the form of an outsider looking in on your life. Be objective and think about what aspects of your life would be interesting to a reader.

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