Monday, June 9, 2008

Best-selling authors writing new chapter on book promotion

That bestseller tucked in your bag might be a great beach read, but odds are the author had to sweat more promoting the book than he did writing it.

Marketing books has always been a tough business, but these days authors are joining forces with the publicity machine and working everything from fashion layouts to product endorsements to keep their rank at the top.

“It can definitely get creative,” said Emily Giffin, author of four novels, including the current bestseller “Love the One You’re With” (St. Martins, $24.95). Giffin, who was in Boston last week on a book tour, missed her reading at a local Barnes & Noble because of a canceled flight. But no worries - that wasn’t her only Hub event. She had plenty of time to make it to her book party at J. Crew, where shoppers could buy “Love,” get discounts on clothes and sip cocktails.

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