Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Calligraphy – The Art of Beautiful Writing

Would you be delighted about greetings, handwritten with loving care? No matter whether on cardboard, stone, wood or vases & pots of terracotta – just confer a most individual touch on these objects and place brilliant accents. A beautiful handwriting is by no means a matter of know-how. In the following short calligraphy writing course you’ll come to know how a most beautiful hand is realized with a few steps after a bit of practice.

You need cardboard and the lacquer painting pin calligraphy (available in white, silver, gold, copper and black)

To become familiar with the lacquer painting pin calligraphy with wedge-shaped point: First try a few swings on the cardboard.

Place the lacquer painting pen calligraphy at a 45 degree angle to the horizontal line on the paper and draw, as shown in the first illustration, vertical lines. Movement is started from the fingers. The complete hand is moved only for longer lines.

Then try as well to draw horizontal lines, circles and semicircles. Important: continue the angle.

Tip: To maintain a uniform writing: continue the 45 degree angle. Alteration of the laying angle leads to a change in the form of letters. To correct the angle: move the wrist or change the distance between elbow and body.

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