Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Computer Tips For Writers

Many writers know little or nothing about the technology that supports them. Here are a few computer tips for writers for you to consider when looking at computers and writing software.

Computer Tip For Writers #1


When choosing hardware, think of what you will be using the system for. Is mobility important? Then you will be looking at a laptop or a notebook. If you want maximum "bang for buck" then you will probably want a desktop system.

Do you want a Mac or a Windows system? Or even Linux? (Why not? I do.)

Do you have a particular piece of software that you really want to use that runs on only one platform?

Do you have to collaborate with someone who only uses a particular system? All things you should at least consider.

If you only want to write, use email and surf the Web, then any reasonable, economy priced system will meet your needs. If, however, you are planning on editing the movie that you have written and shot, or rendering a 3D animation, then you'll quickly find it is time to move up to the big end of Hardware Town!

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