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Creative writing tips: let your creativity show

Creative writing tips: helps the writer who struggles with using creative fiction techniques. In this article, you will find a smorgasborg of scintilating ideas!

How can I allow me creativity show in my writing?

You can spice up your writing by adding something creative or even something new that you've never seen done. We writers try to look at the world a little differently. In order to keep those ideas fresh; try using a touch of magic.

What do you mean by magic?

Writers use "magic" in many ways to dress-up their writing. Every writer needs to find a style that works for them. Many times the techniques that fiction writers use will help to touch your reader. You can bring a little pizzazz to your non-fiction articles by using these many different techniques. Just because it is non-fiction doesn't mean that it shouldn't be dazzling prose. You can use many techniques to bring impact, adding sparkle to your message. Here are some ideas.

  1. Use over-exaggerated examples to describe a point. Here are a few examples:

    Ex: Your prose will reach out and grab the reader!
    Ex: If you employ these techniques then you can write like a best-selling author!

  2. Humor can make the reader smile, leaving a pleasant feeling. Here is an example:

    Ex: It's too bad I'm not a writer. Then I would be able to tell you how to do all of these wonderful things.

  3. Often a creative analogy can make your reader relate to your ideas. Using something that the reader can relate to will often help them to hear what your message is much more clearly.

    Use a funny anecdote or humorous analogy.

    This technique makes your point more real to your reader, while entertaining him or her immensely.

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