Monday, July 14, 2008

How to Create Your Own Travel Journal

One thing I have learned on this trip: Life is never what you expected it to be. We had originally planned to celebrate our eighth anniversary in the desert at Chaco Canyon. But, at the last second, Charles surprised me with a trip to Ouray, Colorado, otherwise known as the "Switzerland of America." It was fabulous!

I miss the red rocks of Chaco, but a little mountain air, and a soak in the healing waters of a lovely hot springs behind the hotel soothed my soul. We relaxed in wooden tubs on the mountainside, watching butterflies and hummingbirds and ravens fly overhead. This is the sweet life!

After a soak, we drove to nearby Ridgway to check out the action. Just a typical day in this slowpoke mountain town. We saw a coffee-shop and bookstore, and went in to check out their selection. It was a tiny place, with just enough room to turn around with a book and a cup of joe in your hand. We also visited their thrift store, in the hopes of picking up some new tapes for the stereo in our car. (I don't care how much you love The Police and Steve Miller Band. I say you can only listen to them 1,000 times before they lose their charm!) Charles scored with a boatload of 80s bands (Go Bon Jovi!), along with some random classical, tribal and New Age finds. I surfed their extensive collection of second-hand books and was able to find TONS of great books to read, including a hardback copy of "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" by Susanna Clarke for only five bucks. What a score — and we were supporting a great cause. All of their proceeds go to the local Humane Society.

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