Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to Write Rap Lyrics

So, you wanna be a rapper? Before you can write a rap song, you need to know how to do the lyrics. You can't just rhyme one word with another. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Steps :

  1. Think of a subject to help start off your rap, like how you can't be messed with, etc. Example: "If ur gonna mess, realize it's not free, coz i can eazily rob you off ur glee, messing with me, has a fee."

  2. Make sure the intro to your verse is strong. Set yourself up for a good rhyme scheme. Man! its strong palm down,punch'em get em strong man.Girls you too but you never heard a girl put it down like this, kill for.

  3. Create a good rhyme scheme; you don't always need one,but it helps man!.It helps the flow sound more enjoyable,example: 50 cent has a bounce flow, up and down, Jay-Z Flow goes side to side. This is important if you're making hits.

  4. Notice that most rappers use multi-rhymes(example: Kill For, Still Roll).Put these at the end line after each bar and see how hot your raps turn out. Count the syllables.

  5. Let some of your friends read it and get their opinions, and if they have any suggestions write em down (get at least three friends opinions). When you get back to your writing area, redo the song with the suggestions from your friends and then go over it and make sure that the changes keep the flow.

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