Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to write an RFP Proposal Cover Letter

What is an RFP Proposal Cover Letter

An RFP Proposal Cover Letter , also known as Letter of Transmittal, should accompany your response to the RFP questionnaire you received from the organization requesting proposals from prospective providers.

Why write a proposal cover letter?
Beyond merely being the authorization of your proposal by your organization, the RFP proposal cover letter gives you a unique opportunity to emphasize

  1. how your offering matches the RFP issuer's needs, and
  2. what are the benefits they may thusly reap from identifying your solution as the best match for their requirements.
When the time comes, remember that the RFP Proposal Cover Letter plays exactly the same role as the Cover Letter for a Résumé. So, take a particular attention on how you will write your RFP Proposal Cover letter. It is the first mandatory gate towards the path of winning the contract. Don't miss it.

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