Monday, July 7, 2008

Poetry Writing Tips

How to write a good poem ? The fact is that anybody and everybody can be a published poet that is if one has the passion and ambition to do so. And first and foremost one needs to let go of all their inhibitions to be published. What does this imply? It means that once you’re a published poet you are in the cynosure of the public eye. Literary critics will deeply study your poetic works and bring out facets of your life that could have led you write those melodic words. They will want to see your miseries, pain, sorrows, happiness, successes, failures… all of you.

If you are ready to become a public spectacle to be studied even long after you have walked on this planet then, surely you can work towards becoming a famed published poet. But before plunging in here are some writing poetry tips that you could run through and adopt, if you feel it makes sense to you.

Here is an exhaustive list of writing poetry tips:

  • In today’s day and age avoid writing a poem on heavy topics such as love, destiny, hate, and other such weighty themes, primarily because they are done to death, unless you feel that you have something more than the famed poets who have rendered their master poetic skills in these topics.
  • If you choose to write on a large canvas, then the details have to be more in-depth. Thus, it is advisable to write on smaller topics rendering lesser references.
  • Do not attempt to give meaning to your poetry – that is for your readers to do. As a poet you just have to express your mind.
  • Do not put effort into your writing; let the words flow freely, oblivious to the judgmental self that dwells within you.
  • You should be comfortable with what you want to say through your poem and not what others would think of your written voice.
  • Leave your poetic thoughts unexplained so that the reader can add his/her two bits. The best of poets leave it all unsaid, giving scope to read between the lines.
  • You must give a title to your poem. It is an introduction to what you want to say in the lines that follow.
  • Your poem should be able to make the reader virtually travel as they read it. They should feel like they are walking under a twinkling starlit night…
  • All lines in your poem may not have the killer instinct, but there is one line that goes down into the encyclopedia of quotations. Be aware of this!
  • All good poets are well read and knowledgeable, that is why there is a free flow of words into verse
  • Use similes and metaphors liberally, but not to such an extent that it resembles a mini-encyclopedia of the form of literary speech
  • You must revise your poem till you feel it has reached perfection, implying its crisp and yet saying it all.
Writing poetry tips are guidelines, but not the thumb rule… as a poet you set your own rules! ~ author M. Hemdev.

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