Friday, July 18, 2008

Ten Tips for Writing an Effective Mission Statement

As the head of your company, you are the one who really knows how your business works — and the one who needs to tell the world just what makes your business so special. Writing an effective, engaging, and clearly defined mission statement is the best way to announce your company’s goals to customers, clients, investors, and even employees.

Your mission statement is the vehicle to get the word out about the “why” and the “wow” behind your company. In truth, your mission statement is no less important than your business plan. It needs to explain — eloquently, succinctly, and passionately — the core reasons for your business’s existence. Your mission statement should inspire others to want to know more about your ideas, helping to position your company in the marketplace and to fuel growth.

Here are 10 effective mission statement-writing tips to help you get started:

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