Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tips for Writing a Short Story

All writers must have a command of the language and a great vocabulary in order to write a short story (or a novel or an article ...)

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Structure of Your Short Story

Novice writers are often given this advice on how to structure their short stories:

  • Put a man up a tree
  • Throw stones at him
  • Get him down
When you come to think of it, it's good advice for any writer. So follow the steps in the plan below to start writing great short stories.

Short Story Plan
Start with a situation - a problem to be resolved for your protagonist ( the man up the tree).

Then present the problems that can occur (throw some stones):
  • Misunderstandings / mistaken identity / lost opportunities etc
The final step is to show how you can solve the problem - get the man down from his leafy perch - safely.

  • Love triumphs / good conquers evil / honesty is the best policy / united we stand
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