Monday, August 18, 2008

Writing Tips for Bloggers

The phrase "Content is King" may seem like rather an old cliché now, but it still rings true—content is king. In this article by Paul Thewlis, we will look at issues surrounding content creation, and discuss some techniques and methods to help you produce the best content you can. We will discuss some general writing tips for bloggers. Although you may be familiar with some of these already, it is to re-focus your attention on them and ensure that you are applying them as a part of your blogging routine.

The first thing to look at regarding content is the quality of your writing itself. Good writing takes practice. The best way to learn is to study the work of other good writers and bloggers, and by doing so, develop an ear for a good sentence. However, there are guidelines to bear in mind that apply specifically to blogs, and we'll look at some of these here.

Killer Headlines
Ask any newspaper sub-editor and he or she will tell you that writing good headlines is an art to be mastered. This is equally true for blogs. Your headlines are the post titles and it's very important to get them right.

Your headlines should be concise and to the point. You should try to convey the essence of the post in its title. Remember that blogs are often consumed quickly, and readers will use your post titles to decide if they want to carry on reading. People tend to scan through blogs, so the titles play a big part in helping them pick which posts they might be interested in.

Your post titles also have a part to play in search engine optimization. Many search engines will use them to index your posts

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