Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Being a Creative Writer

Writing is simply a matter of sitting down and doing it according to the pundits who argue that rewriting will iron out the difficulties. Like all single lines of advice and wisdom, the statement lacks the clarity of depth and the scope of reality. Everyone can undoubtedly write meaningful phrases. Most of us do so to please ourselves. Some, with a modicum of planning and care, manage to please others. Few are capable of being creative and joining the literati because that requires painstaking work and a devotion to the method formed by a lifetime of conspicuous attention to minor details and nebulous, inexpressive things. To understand this better, and to gain success, not necessarily financial, at writing, one needs to delve into motivations, the psychological reasons behind the desire to inscribe memorable narratives.

Artistic creativity, whether painting, sculpting, composing music or crocheting a pastoral tapestry with billions of hummingbird feathers, develops through four primordial states of consciousness in random order. Every artist experiences them and experiments with how they affect him or her. It does not seem to matter which comes first or which predominates. They are called inspiration, illumination, incubation and modification. No work of art ever reaches fruition without its progenitor undergoing all four of these conditional factors. They are the mind enhancers that transform vision to product, the self-consuming guides of intellect that govern the change from thought to deed.

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