Thursday, September 25, 2008

Writing a Will

Check out our top ten tips for writing a will

Lawyer Ambi Sitham from Ambi Consulting is on GMTV to talk about the do's and don't's of writing a will.

She says "Writing your will is essential to ensure that upon your death your assets are distributed as you wish. By not preparing for your death which is sadly one day inevitable for all of us, you don't protect your loved ones and ensure that they benefit from your assets as you wanted them to. If you are married and die intestate (without a will) your spouse will not automatically inherit all your assets, if you are not married and die intestate (have no will) then your partner does not receive anything.

"Dying intestate means your wishes cant be carried out and can also result in all kinds of claims being made against your estate by various members of your family making the entire grieving process even more painful and expensive as action is taken to sort out, what really ought to have been arranged before the event."

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