Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tips for Writing Your Biography

You must have a good bio to represent yourself on the website. A good bio will bring life to you the author, build credibility, and leave an impression with the reader. The impression you make is important and will develop a relationship of respect and admiration for your work. Don’t forget to keep your audience in mind when writing your bio. You will discover when people are touched or moved by something you said they are more apt to be a potential customer.

Make your bio shine using these creative tips.

Introduce yourself
Your introduction should include you name, profession and marital status if you wish.

Sell your strengths
A good bio allows readers to have an idea about your strengths and achievements

Add a personal touch
Revealing a few personal tidbits makes you real to the reader. Include information such as married with children, or share an interest or hobby. Do not include facts that won’t enhance your reason for writing. Add a quote of your own or a related verse/topic. Show your personality, are you humorous, down-to-earth? Define your profession or area of interest and why you choose to write about it.

Use descriptive words
"evocative", "inspirational", "love of music", "children", "profound" etc.

Write in a third person
People trust what others say about you more than what you say about yourself.

Keep your bio down to one small paragraph.
The reader checks your bio briefly to make an evaluation of your work.

Be honest and to the point
People can read into subtle hints and weaknesses. Lies break trust and can cause irreparable damage to your reputation

Make readers remember you
Can you mention a hobby or a special award?

Groups and memberships add credibility
It is worth a mention if you belong to associated groups. It let’s readers know you have a connection somewhere.

Experience and references
You can list work that is unpaid, however if your list is long keep it to a few good ones.

What you are, not what you want to be
Do not list what you think about yourself, like a fabulous writer. The reader will judge that for themselves Say you write as a hobby. Don’t say you want to become full time.

Be positive! You are marketing yourself and your work.

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