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Article Writing Tips

As more and more of us are using the internet, people are finding more and different ways to advertise online. Article Submission is proving to be a valuable method, but it needs to be used effectively in order to drive traffic to your site.

Well written articles can be the cornerstone of your SEO campaign. Having articles that other webmasters want to publish is an astoundingly useful SEO tool. Article submission is a method of Search Engine Optimization favoured by Google. It is effectively a way of gaining good back-links in exchange for well-written and knowledgeable information.

Article Writing

Article writing can be fairly straightforward, but never forget, a badly written article can be worse than no article at all. We have put together a few useful tips to help you get started.

  1. Approach it confidently. You know what you want to say - your problem is working out how to say it best. Be sure that you are writing on something that you are knowledgeable about. If you know your topic the article should flow confidently and that will be picked up by your readers.

  2. Research carefully. Be very sure that you DO know your topic. Spend some time researching your topic, even if you do know it well. Things do change!

  3. Keep it simple. Before you even start, be quite clear about exactly what you want to say. Try to view your topic through the eyes of your reader. Remember that they may know nothing about your topic. Avoid jargon, unless you explain it. Keep the language simple and straightforward. Once you start just keep going to the end and then sit back and proof read and spell-check.

  4. Keep it short. Use bullet points or numbers if you can. Write short paragraphs. Readers will get lost in long paragraphs – no matter how interesting the content. Also, don’t make the article too long; between 300 and 500 words. Anything too much longer will lose your reader.

  5. Keep it interesting. Construct good attention-grabbing titles and headings. If you can keep your reader interested they will keep reading. Use real-life examples – situations your reader can relate to. The whole point of writing an article is to get it read. Select a specific topic and write a short readable article, rather than a mass of information that tries to cover too many areas. Never forget, you are writing an article that leads your reader to your website. Be careful not to turn your article into a sales leaflet.

  6. Keep it SEO. This means bearing in mind your keyword strategies. Treat article-writing as you would a page on your website, and incorporate your best keywords and key phrases. Ensure that while your article remains unique and varied, you use your keywords repeatedly and effectively.

  7. Keep it Evergreen. Be very careful not to include information that will date your article. It will be out there for a long time, and it needs to look fresh and relevant all the time. Avoid using dates or any information that will place your article in a specific time-frame. An article is different to a press-release.

  8. Proofread. Never submit your article immediately you have written it. Take some time out then come back and read it through, and then re-read it. Wherever possible have at least one other person read it as well. Be sure that you have carefully checked the content – that it reads well and makes sense. Check the grammar and the spelling – easily done with a spellchecker. No amount of information or knowledge can overcome a poorly written, badly constructed article.
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