Sunday, December 28, 2008

Improve Your Article Writing Technique

If you are the sort of person who likes to write then you may want to compile your own articles and to help you I have listed a few tips which may help.

The article subject

Often it’s the first article that can be the most difficult to write so how do you start? One of the best ways I found was to write articles based on my own knowledge of a subject, but only you will know what information you can give to others. pickup truck would prefer not to write about your experiences, which would be a real waste, then why not write about smaller niche markets which can open up all manner of possibilities. Once you have determined a topic to write on you need to do some research and this is easily done online by entering a search phrase for your topic into your favorite search engine.

The subject Structure

Almost every piece of written work you read will have a beginning, middle and end so it would be wise to remember to structure your article in the same way and not to try to re-invent the wheel.

The beginning should be an introduction to the subject and present the situation or problem which the article is hoping to address. The middle section should be about three or four points related to subject that will inform the website launch press release of facts they possibly didn't know or answers to the problems the article is addressing. The conclusion is a winding up of all the information you have just written with personal comments and possible places the reader can look for more information. This doesn’t need to be more than about four or five sentences, with most articles approximately 400-600 hundred words.

The easiest way to do this to write down points related to the subject, perhaps questions or problems that occur and then write the answers or comments related to this. Remember that the purpose of the article is to wet the appetite of the reader to take further action.

The Article structure

Firstly it is always easier to read an article if it has been split into paragraphs and whilst there are no hard and fast rules, around four or more is ok but don’t forget that at the end there needs to be a resource box with your details and any links that are related to you release press release your website. Articles that employ good writing techniques are valued many are saved because of the way they have been written and not necessarily because of the subject matter.

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Chris said...

That's a good reminder to have a plan, rather than just writing without direction. I find too that doing so helps me focus better--and remember to hit all the points that I wanted to include!