Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Writing for the Web: the basics still apply

One of the seminal days for "Writing Tools" came about a decade ago when I discovered that an early list of my favorite writing strategies had been translated into Italian. This pleased me greatly, especially because my grandfather, Peter Marino, was born near Naples, Italy.

It pleased me even more when another Italian journalist, Francesca Pacini, contacted me recently to conduct an interview for her online media and culture magazine, Silmarillon. Francesca explains that "it contains the contributions of Italian bloggers who believe in independent journalism online, where it is possible to approach things in the most free way, away from economical or political interests. I work on it at night but don't give up! We are small, but we are free. And this means a lot to me."

In this post, you will find a corrected transcript of the interview. Francesca asks the questions about writing for the Web. I do my best to answer them.

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