Friday, January 9, 2009

Collaborative Writing Process Benifits

The most obvious advantage of the collaborative writing process is summed up well in the old saying, "two heads are better than one." Having more than one person working on a writing project increases the amount of combined knowledge of the authors. In areas of intelligence where one person is weak, others may be strong, and vice versa. If utilized properly, the collective intelligence of a group of writers can be a powerful resource.

Another advantage of the collaborative process is having multiple pairs of eyes to proofread the writing. Having a fresh perspective is vital when proofreading, so the more people looking at the writing, the higher the likelihood that mistakes will be identified and improvements will be made.

Creativity can be fueled when multiple writers brainstorm with each other. That is another great advantage to the collaborative writing process. One writer can propose an idea, and another can expand on it and complement it.

A disadvantage of this process is the possibility of opposing opinions on how best to represent the given information. If some members of the collaborative process are unwilling to compromise, this can be a serious obstacle. Additionally, conflicting schedules of a writing team can make it hard for a project to be completed.

In a collaborative process, if certain tasks are assigned to members of the group, the writing will only be as good as the weakest portion of the project. If not all members of the group are professional and serious-minded, the work will suffer.

Individual processes might be preferable when writing about personal experiences, or when the subject matter is very narrow and the deadline is tight.

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