Monday, January 26, 2009

A Discourse of the Quality of Web Writing

With the birth of the Internet, we have seen a large growth in the writing industry. Generally speaking, writing is a good exercise for the mind, and writing on the topic you like best (read: yourself), seems like a great idea. Sometimes, we see writers branch off from blogging about themselves, and write about topics that interest them. We have an obscene amount of space on the web, where anyone has access to a computer and Internet service can write about whatever they want, however they want. In a way, this is the true form of freedom of the press, but as educated readers, we should still consider how writing on the Internet, as opposed to for a publishing company, changes the quality of the prose.

Reason Writers Write on the Web

To consider the writing, we should first discuss what prompts writers to decide to write on the web. Money is perhaps the number one answer (rock ’n’ roll and sex doesn’t seem to fit here.) For those who have not yet jumped on the bandwagon: we make money through advertisement on websites. The advertisement companies generally pay a writer only for the amount of traffic that his/her site generates for them, and that means that the number of times the web page is loaded by different computers is counted by the company, and they give you a sum according to that count.

How Writers Make Money on the Web

Now, take this line of thought one step further, and think of how web pages become known... You probably searched on Google, Yahoo or MSN before, and perhaps those search engines are actually how you reached my article. These search engines index the web, and store images of the web pages they come across, and they RANK these pages. A web page has a much higher chance of getting traffic if the search engines rank you higher, since the rank determines what place your web page is displayed.

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