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How to Write Your First Article: Steps to Writing an Article

Steps to Remember When Writing Your First Article

Writing an article is not as easy as it sounds, especially the first time. But once you get the hang of it, it will become very easy. The most important thing to do is to come up with new and innovative ideas to promote your goods and services. If you have a marketing-oriented business, you might want to come up with different and interesting ways to attract prospective customers.

As you come up with new ideas, it is always best to make a note of them so that you don't forget. Once you have a wide range of ideas to choose from, select one that you would like to use first, and then write an article based on it. Remember to choose a catchy headline - something that will grab the reader's attention immediately. Subscribe to various online magazines and other article groups and forums. Read different articles to get an idea of the different writing styles out there. However, you shouldn't try to copy other authors' styles. Try to develop your own writing style.

Once you start writing your article, there are two standard formats or layouts that you can follow:

  • The first format is the "Outline Method". By using this format, you can make a note of all the important ideas and concepts that you want to include in your article. Once this is done, you can elaborate on these points and put in practical information. You can even add links to useful resources.
  • The second format is the "Lecture Method". This is a brilliant method that can get fabulous results. Think briefly about what you are going to write about. Imagine that you are discussing this topic with someone. Then, let your writing flow naturally, as if that someone is sitting right beside you. If it helps, you can also type while talking aloud. This is one of the methods that most creative writers tend to use.

While writing an article, it is best to discover and develop your own style and add a hint of character to them. If you are a witty person, feel free to add a touch of humor to your articles.

What to do Once You Finish Writing

Once you have finished writing your article, you should go through it and assess your work. If possible, evaluate your work the next day. This can make a world of difference. Make all the necessary corrections and changes.

Once all this is done, submit your article to as many different article directories and online magazines as possible. It can take as little as a few days to a few weeks for your article to spread all over the Internet like wildfire. To search for your article, type in your author name or your article name and you can surf through all the different links.

Writing your first article is always a bit more challenging, but once you get used to it, you will find writing a lot more fulfilling and interesting.

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