Monday, February 2, 2009

Tips to writing successful resumes

Formatting, organization of information essential to catching employers attention

The prospect of finding a job or internship is stressful enough for most students. "What do I actually want to do?" is the perennial question, and answers can be hard to come by. Adding to the pressure is the need to create a cover letter and resume that convinces employers to call back. You're on your own for deciding what career to pursue, but with these tips, putting together the materials to get that job can be a little easier.

Successful resumes are error-free, action-oriented and specific, said Keri Pipkins, assistant director of the University's Career Center.

"(Employers) only look at resumes for about 30 seconds, so you have to make the most important parts stand out," she said. Educational achievements should always be at the top, followed by activities and involvement relevant to the position. Multiple resumes, with highlighted activities altered, are a good idea for students applying in several fields, Pipkins said. She recommends students read their own resume carefully, as something that appears buried will go even more unnoticed by a potential employer.

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