Thursday, March 12, 2009

Writing Guidelines For Anyone Marketing Anything

As you write your marketing materail, advertisements and sales copy for your lead generators, & drip marketing systems, use these basic guidelines to ensure maximum power:

  1. Use plain talk (don't try to be an English professor). Write like people talk.
  2. Use short sentences (average 17 words, 25 is difficult):
    -Don't try to stick two thoughts into one sentence. Use two short ones instead.
  3. Use simple language:
    -Prefer the familiar word to the far-fetched.
    -Prefer the concrete word to the abstract.
    -Prefer the short word to the long word.
  4. Use personal references: examples: names, pronouns & human interest words. The best word you can use is.... YOU.
  5. Use live words - verbs. Most writing contains nothing more than nouns and adjectives, glued together with the prepositions is, was, are, and were.
  6. Evaluate all your claims; be specific and quantify everything.
  7. Use powerful emotional driven headlines, n everyting you do! the headlinie is the MOST important part of any ad.
  8. Long copy vs. short copy: Say as much as needs to be said, then quit; a good, easy-to-read format will allow you to use more text; use video or audio to say what might be too burdensome to read.
  9. Features vs. benefits: Always talk about benefits as much as possible.
I can assure you if you will use these simple to follow guidelines in all your marketing material you will see a dramatic increase in results.

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