Thursday, September 17, 2009

7 Tips for Successful Grant Writing

Philanthropy Australia's Vanessa Meachen shares her top 7 tips for writing successful grants - a must read!

  1. Don’t start from the point of view ‘We need money.’ That may be true but it’s not what will be important to the grantmaker. Instead, start from the proposition, “We need to do this work which will provide immense benefit to the community, and we need money to do that.” It is the community benefit that will be of the most interest to the grantmaker.
  2. Don’t try to tug at the heartstrings. That technique is better suited for fundraising from the public than for writing grant applications. You do need to be responding to a genuine need, but you don’t need to emphasise either the need or your organisation’s struggles in dealing with it too much; grantmakers are much more interested in your solution to the problem and how you will achieve it. Only include images if they provide some evidence or tell a story which you can’t get across any other way. There’s no point in peppering your submission with photographs from stock image libraries just for effect.
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