Monday, December 28, 2009

Facebook ‘can help to improve writing skills’

SOCIAL networking sites like Facebook and Bebo could help improve children’s writing skills, according to research.

A study conducted by the National Literacy Trust found that children’s confidence in their writing abilities were boosted by writing blogs and using social networking sites.

The survey, of more than 3,000 youngsters aged between nine and 16, found more than half of all respondents thought writing was “boring” but that youngsters who spent time blogging enjoyed writing more than their peers who did not keep a blog.

It found that 57% of youngsters who kept blogs said they liked writing compared to 40% of children who did not do so.

The findings, detailed in the report, Young People’s Writing: Attitudes, Behaviour and the Role of Technology, also indicated that 61% young bloggers and 56% youngsters with a social networking page claimed to be good or very good at writing.

Dr Spencer Jordan, who lectures in creative writing at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff’s (Uwic) School of Education, said web technologies were proving to be an ideal way of encouraging young people to write confidently about things they enjoy.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here's how to improve your writing skills

Children who use online technology such as blog, or social networking websites have more confidence in their writing skills, say experts. According to the National Literacy Trust, forms of communication help young people to develop core literacy skills.

A survey of 3,001 children aged nine to 16 discovered that 24 per cent used their own blog and 82 per cent sent text messages at least once a month. The study also found that 73 per cent used instant messaging services for online chatting.

Jonathan Douglas, director of the National Literacy Trust said: “Our research suggests a strong correlation between kids using technology and wider patterns of reading and writing. Engagement with online technology drives their enthusiasm for writing short stories, letters, song lyrics or diaries.”

Douglas further trashed criticisms about the informal writing styles that often dominate online chat and ‘text speak’, adding: “Does it damage literacy? Our research results are conclusive — the more forms of communications children use the stronger their core literary skills.”

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

82% of Surveyed Business Owners See the Benefits of Blogging

A recent study conducted by Communicate Better, Inc. found that most website owners understand the power of a company blog, but do not have time or resources to manage one.

Communicate Better, a content firm that offers custom writing services, surveyed 92 business owners regarding their opinion towards corporate blogs. While 82% of the respondents saw the value of blogs for SEO, customer loyalty, and branding benefits, the vast majority indicated they simply did not have skills or time to write, publish, and manage blog content.

“As competition for placement in search engine results becomes fiercer, we have seen many of our clients add corporate blogs to their websites. A large majority of our clients prefer ‘outsourcing’ their blogs to us, wherein we manage both the blog article writing and publication process,” explained Grace Chen, the Senior Editor of Communicate Better.

Saving companies both time and human resources, Communicate Better’s Dedicated Blog Management Package includes the daily composition and publication of timely articles. The content writing is specifically tailored to each client’s target audience and branding strategy and incorporates both SEO and linkbait techniques.
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