Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outsourcing Grant Writing Can Save Organizations Money

During difficult economic times such as these many Christian ministries, churches, and other nonprofits will cut staff trying to reduce operating costs. Often development, fundraising, and grant writing staff are the first to be laid off during lean times.

In my professional opinion as a nationally recognized consultant, fundraiser, and nonprofit executive it is counterintuitive to layoff funding development staff when you are in need of more funding. It seems to me that this would be a time to further support this function of the organization and offer them new resources to grow the funding development effort.

However, there is a way to BOTH grow and improve your funding development while reducing overhead costs for the organization. Outsourcing grant writing services to an experienced consultant is much less costly than having on staff grant writing and brings more experience, resources, and efficiency to the organizations funding development efforts.

Typically, an organization with one full-time grant writer on staff will expend $50,000-$100,000 in salary, benefits, supplies, and resources. The $50,000 figure is a very low estimate based on hiring an inexperienced grant writer and providing them with few resources to be successful. By comparison, the typical Full Service Grant Writing contract with Here-4-You Christian Grant Consulting is approximately $13,000-$20,000 for the first year and even less in the 2nd and each subsequent year. Additional expenses are capped at $1,000 per year but the average ministry working with Here-4-You Christian Grant Consulting pays less than $300 per year in additional expenses.

Unless an organization has the funding to dedicate to hiring an experienced grant writer and support staff (researchers, editors, etc.) and can furnish this new grant writing office with the tools and resources it needs, the ministry or nonprofit should consider hiring a consultant to get them through the strategic planning and development stages of establishing a grant writing strategy. A three year start-up period with a consultant will place a ministry or nonprofit on a strong foundation for future success.

Source: http://www.christianpost.com/

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ivy League Essay Writing Service Expands Across the Nation

The Ivy League Essay Writing Service has so far saved the GPAs of thousands of students residing in New York City. Now, the essay writing service is actively seeking clients outside of NY, having employed eight more talented, Ivy-League educated writers to handle the workload.

If you’re from NYC, you’d already know that Ivy League Essay Writing Service is blessed by desperate and returning students. Likewise, the premier essay writing service is cursed by the numerous academic institutions in the area. Simply put, there is no way to detect whether a paper, essay or thesis was ghostwritten by an essay writing service. Many have passed classes, or boosted their Grade Point Averages merely by outsourcing one or two of their assignments. Some have even attained degrees by outsourcing huge projects or whole online classes.

Ivy League Essay Writing Service exclusively employs those with at least an undergraduate degree from Ivy League Universities, and similar top-level schools. The company firmly believes in Ivy League education, and the extremely talented writers who graduate from these schools.

The term “Ivy League” does not merely extend to the writing talent of the essay writing service staff, but also the level of customer service. “Ivy League” stands for the pinnacle of educational institutions. In the case of the Ivy League Essay Writing Service, “Ivy League” stands for focus and personal attention to each project the firm handles.

Essay writing services are a dime a dozen, especially on the web. Many have rates that fall under the five-to-twenty-dollar-a-page range. The quality of writing that these essay writing services produce pale in comparison to the stellar work churned out by Ivy League Essay Writing Service. The company is based in New York City, employs top-notch, Ivy League educated writers for high wages, and creates each assignment, paper or project from scratch, using education databases such as JSTOR and PROQUEST.

Like in any business: you get what you pay for. With Ivy League Essay Writing Service, you pay for quality and assurance that your project will get done on-time and up to standards.

Ivy League Essay Writing Service stands behind its work. It offers a “B or Better” Money Back Guarantee for many of the assignments the company takes. In a shady industry, dominated by plagiarism, recycled papers, dishonest people and broken promises, the Ivy League Essay Writing Service is a ray of light.

The company has so far limited its services primarily to the Tri-State Area surrounding New York City. Ivy League Essay Writing Service has its roots as a small term paper boutique, having started up in an Ivy League school in Manhattan. It has grown organically, meticulously taking on new writers, who go through a gruesome training process. Now, Ivy League Essay Writing Service is expanding across the United States.

Don’t be the one to fall behind in your class, and feel embarrassed with a subpar grade. If you know you’re going to be busy, or won’t be able to attend to your school work because of outlying obligations, make sure to contact your Ivy League Essay Writing Service representative today.

source: http://www.onlineprnews.com/