Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cloud computing is an outsourcing improvement

Companies have cited many reasons for their adoption of cloud computing services, such as cost and efficiency as well as a lessened impact on the environment, but one reason that does not often tend to be highlighted is the improvement in how IT is outsourced.

Writing for Information Week, president of Yeoman Technology Group, Michael Healey, notes that outsourcing is a large component of modern IT departments, but the methods of outsourcing employed are usually not optimised.

Citing the IW Analytics 2010 Business of Outsourcing Survey, Mr Healey writes that six of every 10 IT groups outsource some critical functions, with 25 per cent keeping such functions in house but outsourcing the rest. According to the writer, this represents an incentive for IT departments to embrace the cloud.

"Freeing up staff for more strategic initiatives is the most-valued benefit, just above cost savings and better alignment of IT staff and costs with business trends," he explains. However, the article also details the dilemma facing IT management of how to continue their best practice policies.

"Cloud computing blurs the lines between what had been conventional outsourcing and internal operations, and it will test IT's management and control policies," he says.

"But IT pros like what they're getting so far."

The satisfaction rates for those using cloud computing as an outsourcing tool far outweigh those employing more traditional methods, Mr Healey explains. Citing figures from the outsourcing survey, he notes that 55 per cent of companies who've adopted software as a service or cloud computing feel it is of higher quality than traditional in-house services.

Source: http://www.rackspace.co.uk/

Friday, April 9, 2010

Reporter launches website to help small business owners with DIY public relations

After spending more than 15 years as a reporter and editor, California native Shelly Cone has seen her share of press releases -- both the good and the bad. It was years of seeing easily avoidable press release mistakes that inspired Cone to launch Beach Betty Public Relations as a way to help small businesses with their DIY public relations campaigns without busting their marketing budget.

Beach Betty Public Relations offers press release writing services, article marketing, content writing and social media management for the budget-conscious business. Cone said that public relations outreach should be part of every business plan especially during tough economic times. Yet that is often the first thing businesses cut in lean times. That cost cutting strategy is a big mistake, Cone said. That's why Beach Betty Public Relations offers a la cart services as well as PR packages.

"A lot of small business owners think they can't afford public relations or that they need to create a public relations staff position and that just isn't the case. Outsourcing public relations duties is both cost-effective for businesses and an important part of long-term marketing efforts," Cone said.

Outsourcing public relations duties is a desirable strategy for businesses unable to add a PR staff position. Businesses can choose to use and pay for the services they need when they need them rather than paying a permanent salary to a staff member.

And for the true DIY entrepreneur, the Beach Betty Public Relations website also offers free advice and tips on all aspects of running your online and offline public relations campaign. Find advice on how to write a press release, how to submit it, examples of effective public relations campaigns and more.

Source: http://www.onlineprnews.com